👋 Hello, I'm Ryan

I'm a Columbus, Ohio based full-stack developer and currently a Senior Solutions Engineer at the Ohio School Boards Association. Much of my focus these days is building and improving our software and web applications. However, I'm always tinkering with something, and perpetually attempting to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of web development.

I have experience working with a wide variety of technologies from simple HTML/CSS/JS sites, to dynamic React applications, Node APIs, JAMStack, PHP and custom Drupal modules, SQL/NoSQL/Filemaker databases, and various hosting platforms such as AWS, Cloudflare, and Vercel

When I'm not working with code you will likely find me working on home-improvement projects with my wife, or playing video games with friends (AoE4 ⚔️, CS2, R6S).

I enjoy making music, playing board / card games, watching hockey (CBJ), formula 1 (Ferrari), and binge-watching an entire series. I also have a small hobby-business called BitWizard where I repair and upgrade old video game consoles.

I do occasionally go outside, I promise.

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