Cuirass Entertainment

July 23, 2023
GIF showing the landing page video on

The Project

Cuirass Entertainment needed a full site rewrite to coincide with the release of their first major game, End's Reach, as well as a marketing site for the game itself.

The requirements were pretty loose. The expected traffic figures were unknown. It needed to be a fast, modern, and clean representation of their brand.

Tech Stack

  • Gatsby
  • Sanity
  • Cloudflare Pages

With the guidelines I was given, I opted to go the JAMStack route and utilize a headless CMS to allow Cuirass to update their own content at will.

Example of the sanity dashboard and resulting content:
Screenshot of the Cuirass Sanity Dashboard

Screenshot of the press page on the Cuirass website

All CI/CD was automated with Git / Cloudflare Pages for lightning quick changes and testing. In fact, we chose to migrate just about everything except for their domain registration over to the Cloudflare platform providing encryption, DNS/CName flattening, caching, analytics, DDoS protection, etc, which can all be managed from a dashboard.

SEO / Performance

Implementation of metadata throughout, accessibility best practices, and thorough use of both the Gatsby and Sanity image CDNs ensure good placement and lighthouse scores. Utilization of FFMPEG utility to optimize the landing page .webm video allow the page to display as intended to all users without concern for huge data loads. Intuitive, responsive design for use on all platforms.

Lighthouse scores (because who doesn't love fireworks?):
GIF of the lighthouse scores