End's Reach

July 22, 2023
GIF of the space-themed background on the End's Reach website landing page

The Project

Cuirass Entertainment needed a brand new site to market and support the upcoming release of their first major game, End's Reach. This would coincide with another project to rebuild their main marketing site.

Just as with the Cuirass site, the requirements were pretty loose. The expected traffic figures were entirely unknown. The site serves one purpose: Quickly getting information about the game to the interested party.

We settled on a single page layout with three major info sections, an image gallery, and theming/UI representative of what you might see in the game using various glassmorphic elements, game-sourced iconography, and a futuristic typeface.

GIF showing a user scrolling through the end's reach website.

Tech Stack

  • Gatsby
  • Sanity
  • Cloudflare Pages

Again, identical to the core Cuirass marketing site stack. The same principles apply: Gatsby as an SSG to keep things incredibly quick, Sanity as the headless CMS for quick schema creation and easily editable site content, full CI/CD integration with GitLab and Cloudflare Pages for quick changes and testing, and the Cloudflare suite for various security, caching, and DNS features.

SEO / Optimization

Implementation of schema.org metadata throughout, accessibility best practices, and thorough use of both the Gatsby and Sanity image CDNs ensure good placement and lighthouse scores. (The image gallery is a good example of the Gatsby image pipeline at work)

Intuitive, responsive design for use on all platforms.

The initial landing space-themed background is a 3d scene created and rendered with Three.js, contained in a react component and lazy loaded, resulting in a faster page load, higher SEO scores, less bandwidth usage, and a better end-user experience, particularly for those with limited or slower connections.

Not 100's across the board, but I'll take it: