NHF Scavenger Hunt

October 11, 2018
A smartphone and tablet with the NHF Scavenger Hunt admin portal on the screen.

The Project

Administrator portal for the National Hemophilia Foundation Bleeding Disorders Conference 2018. Project developed as a remote contractor to Current Studios, Halifax, NS.

Single-page, responsive web app allowing event staff to access the portal from their tablet and drag + drop virtual beacons around the venue. Beacons sync data with interactive AR scavenger hunt app used by event patrons.

The project was an immediate need and I had a weekend to learn firestore/firebase and provide the desired product.


Ultra simple front-end designed using jQuery Mobile and jQuery UI.

Application needed to be built to interface with an existing/active development Unity AR application. Back-end is built with a custom Node.js/Express REST API to store names and normalized coordinate data in a Firestore DB. The API also provides necessary object data to the end-user app. Hosted with firebase.


I don't believe the demo is still entirely functional, I haven't maintained the code or infrastructure since 2018. You can still add and place beacons but last I checked it was not storing this data to display it for others and will clear once you leave or refresh. Maybe I'll get around to fixing it sometime.